Face Fucking Ghetto Gaggers Latina Throats Black on Black Crime
Face Fucking Ghetto Gaggers Latina Throats Black on Black Crime

Throat Fucking Whore Moesha on Black on Black Crime

Moesha is a hood booger from Tennessee. She's worked with us a few times on Ghetto Gaggers and now she's helping us break in the new guy, Big D. She's a petite ebony with a nice soft ass, decent tits and a face built for slapping the fuck out of. Trust me... she can take a shot. Big D pimp slaps that ho like she stole something. He even throws a couple combos in there to keep her guessing. I think this dude has potential. He definitely has some big shoes to fill but if this first video is any indication... I think he has a real shot. Let's get to the action, though. Dude crams his black stick down her throat with reckless abandon. By the 3rd position, she's emptying her belly all over the carpet. Bad bitch! That's why he wiped it up with her fucking face!!! Her tiny twat got fucked jack-rabbit style. Big D knows only one speed, FAST. The sound of his balls slapping against her hairless twat echoed throughout the room... only to be followed by the sound of her squirt dousing the couch. Intense! He finished like a fucking boss... emptying a monster load all over her fucking face!

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